Solaris ( 2015 ) Oil on Canvas , 120 x 240 cm

In the 1972 movie Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky there is a scene lasting almost 5 minutes which shows a car driving along a highway, shot from inside, from the perspective of a passenger in the car. This scene contains no dialogue and curiously alternates between black and white and colour.  It was filmed in 1971 in Tokyo along the elevated overpasses and light-lined tunnels of the Inner Circular Route of the Shuto Expressway. At the time this network of roads must have had a very futuristic look particularly to a Russian audience and this scene offers a bridge between the scenes set on Earth and those set on the space station.This painting presents a location from this scene in one of the tunnels of the expressway, however it is based on a still from found footage from a dashboard camera of someone driving through these exact same tunnels but filmed in 2012.