Minute of Angle ( 2003 ) Single Channel Video , Duration 60 Seconds, Stereo Audio

 ….The angle of an arc is expressed in number of degrees….The distance covered by the measure of arc is relative to the circumference (total distance around the circle) it is contained within…..Each click of elevation knob equals 1 minute of angle. Each click of the windage knob is 1/2 minute of angle adjustment…..The formula is a rule of thumb only and is used as a starting point…..Example, a scope with a 1/4" click adjustment would change the point of impact approximately 1/4" at 100 yards…..A minute of angle at 100 yards is 1.0471680" – This is called a TRUE minute of angle…..This is basically the size of the group of the rounds fired down range at a specific target…..The lower the minute of angle, the more accurate the rifle…..