Miniatura - Kunstraum M3, Berlin - 2nd June 2023

InFormat is a collaboration of 8 international painters, based in and around Berlin. Each of the InFormat shows has one common denominator - it focuses on a particular "format". The group has been convening since 2013 to create new work and collectively install the resulting exhibition. The only stipulations are the specific format and its dimensions, predetermined several months in advance. Previous shows have included the Square, the Triptych, the Panorama, the Frieze and the Tondo formats. In "MINIATURA”, InFormat's sixth exhibition, the group will engage the challenges and possibilities offered by the extremely small-scale composition.

Artists: Paul Barnett (NZ), Nicole Heinzel (UK/GER), Michelle Lloyd (IRL), Ivan Lacaze (FRA), Karla Marchesi (AUS), Enda O'Donoghue (IRL), Cameron Rudd (UK) and Alex Tennigkeit (GER).