POINT IN TIME | Part 2. performative- open system

point in time -時点、今を確認する - we substantiate this moment, time is not linear and continual dot...

The second part of the project “Point in time” is a performative open system that is formed through the art of Márcio Carvalho and Enda O'Donoghue - two mediums: performance and painting to represent in an open system which will be generate different complex phenomena.

Erika Matsunami will impart in the art work of Márcio Carvalho and it relates to Enda O'Donoghue's work also.

-> Artist Talk and Presentation
7 pm, Friday, 9 August 2013

-> Web
Marcio Carvalho / www.marcio-carvalho.com
Enda O'Donoghue / www.endaodonoghue.com
Erika Matsunami / www.art-identity.de

-> Address
AQUA CARRÉ Berlin, Studio No. 209
Lobeckstr. 30 - 35 10969 Berlin

The painting of Enda O'Donoghue “ellipsis ...” - the crystallized image systems in his colour theory and composition that is multiplexed time and space on a canvas and the performance on the subject of “memory” by Márcio Carvalho - mental timetravel by the subjective time - past, present, future with cultural codes that transform into live action in a collective space. These art works in the real time will be pooled. In the process this second part of the project "point in time" performative – open system focuses on the subject of “time and space”.
This open system is with the artists, their art works and viewers have variable relations and enables interactivity in a common space.

The subject “time and space” will be substantiated by the artists’ works and projects, using different media and interdisciplinary theories.

-> POINT IN TIME series
This is an artistic research project which creates a connection between the presentation, lecture (artist talk), open seminar with three thematic parts and the exhibition (re-presentation) end of this year 2013 with kind support of the berlinerpool, Berlin. 

According to Nelson Goodman’s thesis, the aim and purpose of art and science is the same: cognizance, i.e. insight as the (selecting, sorting, construing) organization of knowledge. In this sense, the essence of science and art is equally “cognitive”, its quality “cognitive excellence”. (Franz Koppe: Kunst als entäußerte Weise, die Welt zu sehen. Zu Nelson Goodman und Arthur C. Danto in weitergehender Absicht. In: Franz Koppe (Ed.) Perspektiven der Kunstphilosophie. Texte und Diskussionen; Frankfurt am Main, 2nd edition, 1993.) (translation : Alexander C. Pusch) This quote of Franz Koppe from Perspektiven der Kunstphilosophie. Texte und Diskussionen is a core of this project with that buildup the sentences of presentation and re-presentation. 

The works of art will be rebuilt scenographically in the presentation space, thereby creating a scenography of practical and aesthetic space.