Presence in Limerick

Exhibition continues until 19th Dec 2008
Limerick City Gallery of Art welcomes you to the second edition of Presence, featuring twenty one artists associated with Limerick. This annual series of Christmas exhibitions celebrates the wonderful range of talent and diversity in contemporary Irish art. Limerick City offers many opportunities to artists; to study, live, work and exhibit.
Early in the selection process last year it became obvious that to represent the city a series of exhibitions was necessary. In this year’s Presence there is an amazing array of differing styles and approaches to contemporary painting, drawing and photographic media. As well as artists based here in Limerick there are artists living and working in Dublin, Belfast, London and Berlin.
The range of the artists’ experiences and activities are extraordinary. The influential educational ethos of Limerick School of Art and Design is apparent in this exhibition. It is wonderful to include several of our senior artists Tom Fitzgerald, Charles Harper and Jack Donovan, all of whom have had a significant role in their careers at the Limerick School of Art and who have made important contributions to Irish Art.
The exhibition also features the work of Lecturers Alan Keane, Suzannah O’Reilly and recent graduates Jennifer O’Connor and Dave Fortune. International opportunities available to Irish artists have markedly increased, both Andrew Kearney and Anne Ryan have carved significant careers in the London art world. Other artists with growing or established international careers include Tom Molloy, Enda O’Donoghue and Michele Horrigan.
Successful Limerick based artists include Robert Ryan, Dave Lilburn, Kate Hennessy, Lorraine Wall and Brian MacMahon. We welcome the young Cork based artist Martin Finnin, whose work is much sought after in the Dublin auction houses. The broad range of the exhibition may be illustrated by reference to three artists: Tom Shortt, well-known Limerick teacher has included several photographs documenting Limerick contemporary youth culture, Nesta Fitzgerald displays a series of quirky illustrations of the City and emerging painter Emma Berkery presents abstract explorations of colour and form.

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