Sightings - solo exhibition at the Pantocrator Gallery, Shanghai - opening 24th Oct

Opens 24th October 7pm till 9pm
Exhibition runs from 24th October until 7th November
This exhibition is the first solo show in China by Berlin based Irish artist Enda O'Donoghue. He will be presenting a series of new paintings created specifically for this exhibition based on found photographs of UFO sightings ​in 1973 ​from ​various places ​around the world. According to many sources 1973 was a bumper year for UFO sightings, it has been called “The Great UFO Wave”. Hundreds of sightings were reported throughout the United States and in many other countries across the globe. Some of these reports included tales of abductions, some with elaborate descriptions of humanoid like beings and some included photographs purporting to show the alien crafts or “flying saucers”. In O'Donoghue's paintings all traces of these mysterious crafts have been removed.
Born in 1973 in Limerick, Ireland, O’Donoghue has been living and working in Berlin since 2002. His work has previously been shown in China in a number of group exhibitions, such as at the Irish pavilion for the Expo in Shanghai in 2010. He has taken part in numerous international group exhibitions, including shows at CHB, Berlin (2014), Meter Room, Coventry (2012), The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2011), Universal Cube, Leipzig (2008), Four Gallery, Dublin (2006), The Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (2006) and a number of solo shows in Berlin, Ireland and in 2009 a solo exhibition in New York. In 2012 his work was presented in a major solo exhibition at the Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland and in 2014 he was awarded a residency at the Golden Foundation for the Arts in New York state. He has also curated a number of group exhibitions, most recently an exhibition presenting a selection of Berlin based Irish artists at Grimmmuseum in Berlin which toured to the Galway Arts Centre, Ireland in 2013.
This exhibition is supported by Culture Ireland

Pantocrator Gallery
Shanghai. China

M50. Moghanshan Rd. Building 4B 105. 200060
中国上海市M50, 莫干山路4B栋楼105室 200060


恩达奥 ∙ 多诺休 上海个展
Pantocrator画廊 ∙ 上海M50创意园
开幕仪式:10月24日 7-9PM

本次展览是来自柏林的爱尔兰艺术家恩达 ∙ 奥多诺休在中国首次个展。他将展示一系列专门为本次展览创作的画作。这些画作以1973年世界各地的UFO目击事件照片为灵感来源。1973年是UFO目击事件的爆发年,这一时期也被称为“UFO大浪潮”。数以百计的目击报告涌现于美国各地和许多其他国家。有些报告包含绑架经历,有的详细描述了类人形生物,而一些图像报告意在呈现外星产物或“飞碟”。在奥多诺休的作品中,这些神秘元素已被剔除。

1973年生于爱尔兰利默里克市,奥多诺休自2002年以来一直工作并生活在柏林。在中国,奥多诺休的画作曾在多个群展被展出,包括在2010年举办的上海世博会的爱尔兰展馆。奥多诺休也曾参加过许多国际联展,包括柏林CHB(2014),考文垂 ”电表房”(2012),莫斯科博物馆现代艺术展(2011),莱比锡“万能魔方”(2008),都柏林“四廊”(2006),哥本哈根当代艺术研究所(2006),以及若干个在柏林,爱尔兰的展览和2009年在纽约的个展。 2012年,爱尔兰的利默里克市美术馆举行了大型奥多诺休个人作品展;2014年,他被邀请参加了金艺术基金会在纽约州的艺术家体验创作项目。奥多诺休近期策划并参与了许多群展。最近一次展览在2013年,包含了多位在柏林的爱尔兰艺术家的作品,由柏林格林兄弟博物馆首发,巡回展览最后到达爱尔兰高威艺术中心。