Mélange | Group Exhibition at Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany

March 9th – March 30th, 2024

Gallery neurotitan
c/o Schwarzenberg eV
Rosenthaler Strasse 39
D-10178 Berlin

Opening: Saturday, March 9th, 6 p.m

Opening hours March 9th – March 30th, 2024
Monday to Saturday 12 p.m. – 8 p.m

Kino Central special: MÉLANGE – art short films Mengerzeile
on Thursday, March 21, 2024 and on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 7:00 p.m

In a capital that is in constant change and upheaval, it is reassuring to find one constant. The Atelierhaus Mengerzeile is one such place that has contributed to the Berlin art scene for over 30 years - despite all odds.

In 1993, a group of artists moved into the former piano factory on the strip of the Wall between Alt-Treptow and Neukölln. Productive years followed - the Mengerzeile studio house officially established itself as an artists' association and created a lively new art space with thirty studios, the Kunsthalle m3 gallery, an international guest studio and the Amiga Club. As Berlin gentrified, this space was also in danger of disappearing. In 2018 - thanks to continued efforts on our part, long-term negotiations with the Berlin Senate, the Treptow district office, etc., as well as cooperation with the new owner - the existence of the studio house was secured in the long term. The public Berlin media also stood by our side here. There are currently 36 artists working in the studio house from various fields such as painting, sculpture, conceptual art, film, photography and design. This mélange of international creatives, their diverse positions, philosophies and perspectives, also represents the resistant moments that art can show in order to oppose repression.

We find it particularly exciting to exhibit in the neurotitan gallery in Haus Schwarzenberg - an art oasis that, similar to the old Viennese coffee houses, has asserted itself as an important place of debate and artistic exchange in Berlin Mitte for three decades. The exhibition also shows that such evolved art spaces must remain intact in order to work creatively with these changes - or in Bowie's words - "turn and face the strange..." changes.

Paul Barnett, Mariele Bergmann, Ulrike Bernard, Mark Braun, Claudia Brieske, Patrick Brunken, Clemens Brunner, Alex Demes, Zeno Gries, Ane-martha Hansgärd, Juliane Henrich, Katja Hommel, Clara Joris, Max Kerkhoff, Karin Kerkmann, Karsten Krause, Michelle Lloyd, Marta Marcé, Jens Martens, Nanne Meyer, Eva Noack, Enda O’Donoghue, Ilona Ottenbreit, Haleh Redjaian, Mirae Kh Rhee, Cameron Rudd, Margit Schild, Annette Schmidt, Hildegard Skowasch, Margund Smolka, Ona Tav, Thomas Tuchel, Alexander Wagner, Andreas Walther, Eva Am Winnersbach, Marianne Wirries

30th Anniversary Atelierhaus Mengerzeile

In 1993, a group of artists moved into the former piano factory on the Wall Strip between Alt-Treptow and Neukölln.

Since then, Berlin has changed, the neighborhood has changed, the composition of the house has changed and we have changed. The Atelierhaus Mengerzeile Association, has however, been preserved as a place of creativity - despite all adversity.

And we would like to celebrate that!

This is because the Mengerzeile’s story is a stroke of luck in Berlin studio house history. In 2018, after longstanding efforts and in cooperation with the new owner of the building, the existence of the studio house was secured in the long term. Currently 38 artists from various fields such as painting, sculpture, conceptual art, film, photography and design are working in the Mengerzeile studios. The Atelierhaus Mengerzeile manages all work within the house itself - its goal is to maintain a constant offer of affordable studios. In addition, the association focuses on the promotion of art and cultural infrastructure, especially in the Alt-Treptow district, as well as hosting a platform for artists’ exchange.

For many Berlin artists it is almost impossible today to find an affordable work space in a central location. The Atelierhaus Mengerzeile demonstrates that - despite the building of new residential quarters on the premises of the Atelierhaus - creative work spaces could
still be preserved. It was a tough struggle that took several years. Through the commitment and perseverance of the association’s members and their allies, an agreement was finally reached with the new owner - and a lease for the next two decades procured.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of moving into the house. On this occasion, we want to look back while also looking forward . In this anniversary year a series of exhibitions

with former house artists has been ongoing in the Kunstraum m3. A documentary exhibition about the history of the house is due to start in the autumn. Also planned are a series of talks, in which not only the Berlin studio house decline, but in particular the rescue of studio buildings will be discussed in detail. Finally in September there will be a big party with music, dancing and performance art! The "Open Studios" day offers an insight into our current artistic work. We are very much looking forward to interacting and celebrating with friends, helpers and art enthusiasts as well as members of both old and new neighborhoods.


From 2:00 PM - Food Trucks and Bar

In the Atelierhaus:
2 PM to 7 PM - Open Studios
2 PM to 7 PM - Documentation Exhibition "1993 to 2023 Atelierhaus Mengerzeile"

12 PM to 7 PM NWGATK im Kunstraum m3

In the Courtyard:

Children's Program:
2 PM to 4 PM - Workshop: Making Colors from Plants
4 PM to 5:30 PM - Children's Guided Tour through the Open Studios
5:30 PM to 6:15 PM - Children's Reading from the Book "The Wind in the Willows"

Evening Program:
5 PM to 5:45 PM - ART.MAKES.SPACE Collective Writing with Pussy Write
5:30 PM to 6:15 PM - Concert: Bastian Hagedorn
6:30 PM to 7:15 PM - Pussy Write - Reading of Texts ART.MAKES.SPACE
7:30 PM - Speech by Prof. Tim Renner and Marco Brauchmann (District Councilor for Education, Schools, Culture, and Sports)
8:15 PM to 9 PM - Concert: Acid Omas
9:30 PM to 11 PM - Concert: Flirren
Starting at 11 PM - DJ - DAISY D´OR & Miss Kadeedja  

Miniatura - Kunstraum M3, Berlin - 2nd June 2023

InFormat is a collaboration of 8 international painters, based in and around Berlin. Each of the InFormat shows has one common denominator - it focuses on a particular "format". The group has been convening since 2013 to create new work and collectively install the resulting exhibition. The only stipulations are the specific format and its dimensions, predetermined several months in advance. Previous shows have included the Square, the Triptych, the Panorama, the Frieze and the Tondo formats. In "MINIATURA”, InFormat's sixth exhibition, the group will engage the challenges and possibilities offered by the extremely small-scale composition.

Artists: Paul Barnett (NZ), Nicole Heinzel (UK/GER), Michelle Lloyd (IRL), Ivan Lacaze (FRA), Karla Marchesi (AUS), Enda O'Donoghue (IRL), Cameron Rudd (UK) and Alex Tennigkeit (GER).

DIGITAL DIVIDE II - 9. - 17. OKTOBER 2021 im HilbertRaum, Berlin

DIGITAL DIVIDE II – Die Atomisierung der Welt, HilbertRaum, Berlin

Die Atomisierung der Welt


SOFT OPENING 08.10.2021, 18 UHR
Begrüßung durch Karolin Siller

SOFT FINISSAGE 17.10.2021, 18 UHR
Künstlergespräch mit Vanessa Souli, Kuratorin und Autorin – live zu hören auf Clubhouse unter „Digital Divide“

Künstler: Nick Fudge, Andreas Lau, Enda O´Donoghue, Römer + Römer, Sandra Schlipkoeter


Adresse: HilbertRaum, Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin
Öffnungszeiten: Freitag 16-19 Uhr, Sa+So 14-19 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung



Die Ausstellung DIGITAL DIVIDE, die Atomisierung der Welt, ist die zweite gemeinsame Ausstellung von Andreas Lau, Römer + Römer und Nick Fudge. Im Hilbertraum erweitern sie die gezeigten Künstler mit Arbeiten von Enda ODonoghue und Sandra Schlipkoeter.

Alle Positionen gehen der Frage nach, wie Malerei heutzutage noch zeitgemäß funktionieren kann. Gibt es noch einen Platz für das analoge Medium, für die Malerei? Die Bejahung dieser Frage fällt leicht, wenn man das malerische Werk dieser Künstler betrachtet. Die Fotografie mit deren Folgemedien Film und Fernsehen, bis hin zu Computerbildschirmen und Smartphone-Displays beherrschen heute unsere visuelle Kultur. Das sich die Malerei dennoch als starkes künstlerisches Medium behaupten konnte, liegt nicht zuletzt an genau dieser kreativen Auseinandersetzung und Abarbeitung mit der neuen Technik.

Durch Codierung von Motiven, Wiederholung serieller Zeichen, Zerlegung in Pixel oder der Nutzung digitaler Möglichkeiten ergeben sich völlig neue optische Möglichkeiten. Mit der Aneignung dieser optischer Einflüsse und Reize entstehen neue, eigenständige Malereien.

Das braucht Zeit und Disziplin. Dadurch stellen sich die Künstler mit ihrer Malerei der Schnelllebigleit der digitalen Moderne entgegen, entschleunigen sich und ihre Arbeit und bewahren sich dadurch ihre Sensibilität.

Diese Ausstellung lädt ein, in Zeiten der Bilderflut unbedingt in Ruhe genauer hinzusehen.

Nick Fudge spricht über seine Arbeit als „painted pixelation“ also gemalte Pixel. Tatsächlich ist er der Einzige der fünf Künstler, der direkt mit dem Computer seine Bildwerke entwickelt, programmiert und malt. Er bezeichnet seine Kunst als „post-digital“.

Andreas Lau beschäftigt sich seit gut 25 Jahren mit dem Thema der Vielschichtigkeit. Die Bildmittel der Zeichen und Linien, Punkte und Strukturen werden als auflösende Elemente benutzt.

O’Donoghues Werke setzen sich mit dem Aufbau, der Sprache und der vermittelten Welt digitaler Bilder auseinander. Diese stehen für ihn im ständig fortlaufenden Dialog mit dem Medium der Malerei und des Malprozesses. Die Bilderwelt des Künstlers entspringt fast ausschließlich digitaler Fotografen aus dem Internet, wobei O’Donoghue mit zufälligen Augenblicken des Alltags experimentiert, diese miteinander verknüpft und zu einem Themenkomplex verschmelzen lässt.

Bei dem Künstlerpaar Römer + Römer bilden ausgiebige Fotorecherchen auf verschiedensten Festivals und Großereignissen den Ausgangspunkt der leicht gestischen, farbintensiven Ölmalerei. Aus diesem Bilderfundus wählen sie einzelne Motive aus, die als Grundlage für ihre malerischen, fast abstrakt wirkenden Bilderserien dienen. So entstanden beispielsweise große Werkzyklen über den Karneval in Rio de Janeiro, über das Fusion Festival und zuletzt über das in der Black Rock Wüste von Nevada stattfindende Burning Man Festival.

Sandra Schlipkoeter´s Arbeiten haben ihren Ursprung im digitalen Licht und fotografischen Störungen, vor allem Störungen in Form des physikalischen Phänomens der Interferenzen. Das sind Überlagerungen von Wellen im optischen Raum, die komplexe Linienmuster erzeugen. Diese Muster übersetzt sie in Malerei, Scherenschnitte, Skulpturen und Installationen. Ihre Arbeiten sind poetisch, ästhetisch und sphärisch zugleich. Physikalische Gesetze treffen auf künstlerische Konzepte.

Andreas Lau

Link zur Webseite vom HilbertRaum
Link zu DIGITAL DIVIDE I im Kunstverein Speyer 2019

Tondo - Kunstquartier Bethanien - 30th October 2020

The 5th exhibition from the Berlin painting collective, InFormat, where the group will engage the challenges and possibilities offered by the large-scale circular composition.

Kunstquartier Bethanien

Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

FR 30 OCT to 1 NOV, 2020

InFormat is a collaboration of eight international painters, working broadly defined within realism and all based in Berlin. Each of the INFORMAT shows has one common denominator - it focuses on a particular "format". The group has been convening since 2013 to create new work and collectively install the resulting exhibition. The only stipulation is the specific format and its size predetermined several months in advance - theme, medium and technique are left open to the individual artists. Previous shows have included the square, the triptych, the panorama and the frieze formats. In "Tondo", INFORMAT's fifth exhibition, the group will engage the challenges and possibilities offered by the large-scale circular composition.


InFormat ist eine Kooperation von acht internationalen, in Berlin lebenden Maler*n, die - weitgefaßt- mit einem Bezug zum Realismus arbeiten. Jede INFORMAT Ausstellung hat einen gemeinsamen Nenner - die Auseinandersetzung mit einem bestimmten "Format". Seit 2013 trifft sich die Gruppe, um neue Arbeiten zu schaffen und kollektiv zu installieren. Die einzige Vorgabe ist ein spezifisches, im vorhinein festgelegtes Format samt seiner Dimensionen - Thema, Medium und Technik stehen den einzelnen Künstler*n frei. Vergangene Projekte schließen das Quadrat, das Triptychon, das Panorama und das Fries ein. Mit "TONDO", INFORMATs fünfter Ausstellung, läßt sich die Gruppe auf die Herausforderungen und Möglichkeiten der großformatigen kreisrunden Komposition ein.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/954516775069940
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/informatberlin/

Photospiel - Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin - opening 20th November 2019

Opening November 20th, 6-10 pm
November 21- December 11 by appointment

Karl Oskar Gallery’s upcoming exhibition Photospiel explores the interplay between photography and painting. Beginning in the late 19th Century with the great German painters Franz Defregger and Franz von Lenbach, who began to use the still nascent medium of photography as source material for their paintings; the exhibition then moves on to modern day photographers incorporating the long tradition of painting in their work, and painters moving into the digital age.

John Brown, Claudia Chaseling, Franz Defregger, Amrita Dhillon, Grigori Dor, Boris Eldagsen, GODsDOGs, Peter Freitag, Heike Gallmeier, Julija Goyd, Jann Holstein, Silke Kästner, Anne Michaux, Enda O’Donoghue, Sigmar Polke, Nina Rodin, Arnulf Rainer, Römer + Römer, Dieter Roth, Benjamin Rubloff, René Schoemakers, Semra Sevin, Peter Wilde, Christopher Winter

Alptraum 15 – La Estacion arte contemporáneo - Chihuahua, Mexico

15. ALPTRAUM, LA ESTACION GALLERY, Chihuahua, Federal Republic of Mexico, March 1st - March 16th, 2019. Address: Calle Aldama 1002 Colonia Centro, 
CP 31000 Chihuahua, México

Curated by Marcus Sendlinger and Fernando Rascón

Artists joining at LA ESTACION GALLERY, Chihuahua

Saúl Gómez, Arian Dylan, María Jose Seañez, Fernanda Guzmán, Christoph Dahlhausen, Marco Arce, Fernando Rascón, Rocío Infestas, Aska Irie, Alvaro Verduzco, 
Ismael de Anda

Pio Abad (Philippines) | Christian Achenbach (Germany) | Sanell Aggenbach (South Africa) | Minor Alexander (Russia) | Sonja Alhäuser (Germany) | Li Alin (Canada) | Pablo Alonso (Germany-Spain) | Deniz Alt (Germany) | Axel Anklam (Germany) | Nina Ansari (Iran) | Salvatore Arancio (Italy) | Marco Arce (México) | Laura Baginski (Germany) | Alexandra Baumgartner (Austria) | Matthias Beckmann (Germany) | Boris Beja (Slovenia) | Viktor Bernik (Slovenia) | Zander Blom (South Africa) | Armin Boehm (Germany) | Sascha Boldt (Germany) | Jan-Henri Booyens (South Africa) | Wim Botha (South Africa) | Lutz Braun (Germany) | Laura Bruce (U.S.A.) | Joanna Buchowska (Poland) | Jessica Buhlmann (Germany) | Stuart Cairns (United Kingdom) | Mimmo Catania (Italy) | Il-Jin Atem Choi | Nenad Cizl (Slovenia) | Ben Cottrell (United Kingdom) | Christoph Dahlhausen (Germany) | Ismael de Anda (USA) | Eric Decastro (France) | Mandakini Devi (India) | Kedar Dk Dhondu (India) | Jos Diegel (Germany) | Ulrich Diezman (Germany) | Stefan Draschan (Austria) | Thomas Draschan (Austria) | Sven Drühl (Germany) | Peter Duka (Germany) | Martin Durazo (U.S.A.) | Arian Dylan (México) | Nils Daniel Ebert (Germany) | Elisophie Eulenburg (Austria) | Patricia Eustaquio (Philippines) | Mina Fina (Slovenia) | Bettina Forget (Canada) | Heiner Franzen (Germany) | Jonathan Garnham (South Africa) | Andrew Gilbert (United Kingdom) | Saúl Gómez (México) | Samuel Grajfoner (Slovenia) | Georgina Gratrix (South Africa) | Liza Grobler (South Africa) | Ian Grose (South Africa ) | Jayant Gupta (India) | Fernanda Guzmán (Chile) | Konstanze Habermann (Germany) | Margarete Hahner (Germany) | Hannah Hallermann (Germany) | Florian Heinke (Germany) | Trasi Henen (South Africa) | Lori Hersberger (Switzerland) | Gregor Hildebrandt (Germany) | Stefan Hirsig (Germany) | Jim Holyoak (Canada) | Robert Horvath (U.S.A.) | Johannes Hueppi (Germany) | Thaddaeus Hueppi (Germany) | Rocio Infestas (Chile) | Aska Irie (Japan) | Ichiro Irie (U.S.A.) | Adam Jankowski (Austria) | Birgit Jensen (Germany) | Megha Joshi (India) | Susanne Jung (Germany) | Lisa Junghanss (Germany) | Katharina Kakar (India) | Isabel Kerkermeier (Germany) | Gabriele Konsor (Germany) | Clemens Krauss (Austria) | Edgar Leciejewski (Germany) | Xenia Lesniewski (Germany) | Joep van Liefland (The Netherlands) | Catherine Lorent (Luxembourg) | René Luckhardt (Germany) | Lilly Lulay (Germany) | Polona Maher (Slovenia) | Jörg Mandernach (Germany) | Sandra Mann (Germany) | Stefan Mannel (Germany) | Cécile Martin (Canada) | Nomthunzi Mashalaba (South Africa) | Sandra Meisel (Germany) | Kalidas Mhamal (India) | Rebecca Michaelis (Germany) | Midhun Mohan (India) | Ekaterina Mitichkina (Belarus) | Mohau Modisakeng (South Africa) | Lillian Morrissey (Australia) | Virginie Mossé (France) | Jan Muche (Germany) | Iris Musolf (Germany) | Elena Muti (Italy) | Viraj Naik (India) | Robyn Nesbitt (South Africa) | Wolfgang Neumann (Germany) | Rainer Neumeier (Germany) | Nik Nowak (Germany) | Mario Nubauer (Austria) | Enda O`Donoghue (Ireland) | Jennifer Oellerich (Germany) | Beatrix Opolka (Germany) | Alex Ortiz (Canada) | Justine Otto (Germany) | Max Presneill (U.S.A.) | Manfred Peckl (Austria) | Mick Peter (Germany) | Christian Pilz (Germany) | Mark Požlep (Slovenia) | Arjan Pregl (Slovenia) | Richard Priestley (United Kingdom) | Fernando Rascón (México) | Eva Räder (Germany) | Alexandra Reiss (South Africa) | Tanja Rochelmeyer (Germany) | Anke Röhrscheid (Germany) | Römer + Römer (Germany Russia) | Jenny Rosemeyer (Germany) | Dennis Rudolph (Germany) | Ruth Sacks (South Africa) | Maik Schierloh (Germany) | Andreas Schlaegel (Germany) | Sebastiaan Schlicher (The Netherlands) | Bettina Scholz (Germany) | Ann Schomburg (Germany) | María Jose Seañez (México) | Bettina Sellmann (Germany) | Marcus Sendlinger (Germany) | Natalija Šeruga (Slovenia) | Claudia Shneider (South Africa) | Heidi Sill (Germany) | Alexander Skorobogatov (Russia) | Katarina Sočan (Slovenia) | Miha Štrukelj (Slovenia) | Linda Stupart (South Africa) | Simona Šuc (Slovenia) | Gayatri Subramanian (India) | Nina Šulin (Slovenia) | Ernie Luley Superstar (Germany) | Karuna Tank (India) | Alex Tennigkeit (Germany) | Amalia Theodorakopoulos (Greece) | Peter Thol (Germany) | Žiga Tomori (Slovenia) | Klaus-Martin Treder (Germany) | Luka Uršič (Slovenia) | Simone van de Loo (Germany) | C. van Eeden (South Africa) | Jaco van Schalkwyk (South Africa) | Tamzyn Varney (South Africa) | Alvaro Verduzco (México) | Urša Vidic (Slovenia) | Christoph von Löw (Germany) | Rachel von Morgenstern (Germany) | Grant Vetter (U.S.A.) | Sašo Vrabič (Slovenia) | Maik Wolf (Germany) | Renate Wolff (Germany) | Ronald Wullems (The Netherlands) | Michael Wutz (Germany) | Ed Young (South Africa) | Phillip Zaiser (Germany) | Frank-Michael Zeidler (Germany) | Thomas Zipp (Germany).

New Irish Creatives Festival November 2018- Exhibition Opening

The Embassy of Ireland in Berlin is excited to announce a festival of Irish creativity taking place in November 2018. It will celebrate and showcase the quality and diversity of Irish artists currently working in Berlin and across Germany.  The focus for 2018 will be on music and literature as well as an exhibition of works by Irish visual artists held in the Embassy.

In cooperation with IMMA - Irish Museum of Modern Art, Visual Arts Award 2018. 

Artists featured:
David O'Kane
Enda O'Donoghue
Nadine Stewart
Carol Anne McGowan

Exhibition opening on the 8th of November. 
Click here to RSVP to this event
Facebook event here

Embassy of Ireland, Berlin
Jägerstr. 51
Berlin, Germany

Preparing For Darkness Vol.2: Breaking God’s Heart - Group Exhibition at Kühlhaus Berlin - opening 25th Sept 2018

On the Occasion of Berlin Art Week
September 25 – 30, 2018
Kühlhaus am Gleisdreieck
Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin
U1 / U2 Am Gleisdreieck
Exhibition space: 1500 m² (4th and 5th floor)

Curated by Uwe Goldenstein

Opening: September 25, 7pm
September 26, 5pm: film screening of “Vor Tür und Wand” about the artist Miriam Vlaming
September 28, 5pm: artist talk / Sept. 30, 3pm: Finissage

Open daily from 1 to 7pm. Admission free

Download Press Release (dt.):
PM Preparing for Darkness, Vol.2

Artists: Inna Artemova, Shigeo Arikawa*, Daniel Behrendt, Radu Belcin, Adam Bota, Rudy Cremonini, Fabio la Fauci, Simone Haack, René Holm, Shingo Inao*, Maurizio L´Altrella, Adam Magyar, Valentina Murabito, Gabor A. Nagy, Enda O'Donoghue, Flavia Pitis, Juan Miguel Pozo, Michael H. Rohde, Nicola Samorì, Steffi Stangl, Stepanek & Maslin, Richard Stipl, Attila Szücs, Alexander Tinei, Miriam Vlaming, The √ision, Claudia Virginia Vitari, Josef Zlamal, Alexander Zakharov

*: selected by Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin

The exhibition is supported by SMART DIMENSIONS – 3 D Video Production, Berlin

Images from Preparing for Darkness Group exhibition at Kühlhaus Berlin

Kühlhaus Berlin
Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin
Thursday, 10 May, 2018 to Monday, 21 May, 2018

Curated by Uwe Goldenstein
Ground floor: solo exhibition by Attila Szűcs
Kubus, 3 floors: main exhibition & video installation by Adam Magyar
top floor: installations by Douglas Henderson, Edith Kollath & Andreas Lutz,
curated by Mario Mazzoli

List of Artists: Per Morten Abrahamsen, Danja Akulin, Giampiero Assumma, Daniel Behrendt, Radu Belcin, Robert Bosisio, Adam Bota, Astrid Brandt, Sergii Chaika, Konstantin Déry, Gregor Gaida, Simone Haack, Douglas Henderson, René Holm, Manfred W. Jürgens, Fritz Koch, Edith Kollath, Maurizio L´Altrella, Andreas Lutz, Adam Magyar, Nikolai Makarov, Gabor A. Nagy, Enda O’Donoghue, Alejandro R. Gonzàlez, Flavia Pitis, Nicola Samorì, Alice Stepanek & Steven Maslin, Richard Stipl, Attila Szűcs, Alexander Tinei, Miriam Vlaming, Alexander Zakharov, Josef Zlamal