The Grid

New work by Irish artist Enda O’Donoghue will be included in “THE GRID” an exhibition of small, contemporary works (re)interpreting "the grid" at Milepost 5, Portland, Oregon, USA. The exhibition is curated by TJ Norris and features the work of 27 artists. It runs from August 19th through October 17th. Exhibiting artists: Joe Batholomew, Justin Bland, Katy Devine, Carrie A. Dyer, Ellen George, Kathy Goodell, Hans Habeger, Judy Haberl, Alastair Levy, Kirk Linder, Jason Lockett, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Enda O'Donoghue, Kasia Ozga, Mel Prest, Mara Rivet, John Ruggieri, Megan Scheminske, Andrea Schwartz-Feit, Heidi Schwegler, Jenevive Tatiana, Cara Tomlinson, Sally Verrall, Ken Weathersby, Matthew Weseley, Darrell Williamson For further information visit the website

virtual tour of the Nordart exhibition

An online virtual tour of the Nordart exhibition can be viewed here:

The exhibition which opened on June 13 in an old steel factory in the town of Büdelsdorf in northern Germany, shows the work of 218 artists from 34 countries. Three paintings by Enda O'Donoghue are included in this exhibition. The exhibition runs until 27th September.

A selection of work from the exhibition can be viewed here:

"Fragments" exhibition extended

Enda O'Donoghue's solo exhibition "Fragments" at the Irish Art Center in New York will be extended until 27th July. The Irish Arts Center is located at 553 West 51 Street and the gallery is open by appointment Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. For further details contact Joanna L. Groarke at (212) 757-3318 ext 203, email or visit

A review of the exhibition by Suzanne Trouve Feff can be read here:

Nord Art 2009

Enda O'Donoghue is exhibiting in the Nord Art 2009 exhibition in Germany which takes place from 13th June – 27th September. Located in the Carlshütte, the 20,000 square meter former industrial-age iron- and steelworks, in the town Büdelsdorf in the north of Germany. The exhibition shows the work of 218 artists from 34 countries. The official opening for the exhibition is on Saturday13th June at 17:00. For further information visit the website

"Stinky que" Oil on Canvas, 120 x 150 cm

"Stinky que" Oil on Canvas, 120 x 150 cm

"Pixelize Me." by Suzanne Trouve Feff

The Gallery Gazetteer


Pixelize Me.


Be careful the next time you post your pictures on Facebook, you could become a work of art. The Irish artist Enda O'Donoghue had the good idea to paint scenes of daily life inspired from pictures exclusively found on the web. The Irish Art Center of New York is presenting his works until June 19, 2009.

"Apetite" by Enda O'Donoghue. 2008, oil on canvas. Photo by Irish Arts Center.

Since the creation of photography, it has become quite common for artists, professional or amateur to use pictures as a model. You may wonder if it is legal to use a picture found on the web and reproduce it more or less realistically. The answer is no, but, reassure yourself, O'Donoghue always found the owner of the picture, and made sure to have his/her authorization before using it. He is thus respecting the copyright of the picture.

Having studied first computers, then art, Enda O'Donoghue has exhibited since 1997 in Europe, notably in Germany, Ireland and France; but also in China and in the United States. Irish born, he has lives and worked in Berlin since 2002.

Detail of "Apetite" by Enda O Donoghue. 2008, oil on canvas. Photo by Irish Arts Center.

This thirty-something artist succeeds in creating a link between technology and fine art. With his "pixelise" style, he renders banal scenes of our lives in little squares, representing the pixels of a computer screen. What was impressive about those paintings is that if you get closer, they seem to be just an amazing mix of bright colors and small squares. When you move back, you can see the scene being formed. It's a form of expressionism that would not be possible 20 years ago.

The artist used to speak about his work as "In between," especially when he refers to the locations represented on his work. The coffee shop, an airport corridor, or the queues in a fast food restaurant, all banal spaces, are for him neither public nor private.

For me, redrawing anecdotal events of the daily life brings a special importance to those moments. They seem to be banal, but actually are not. As the Egyptians drew their hieroglyphs, O'Donoghue expresses himself about our civilization, our habits, and our virtual lives.

The creation process of his artworks is quite complex. The photographs found are modified and corrected on software, and then painted on the canvas.

The mission of the Irish Arts Center, since 1972, has been to promote Irish Art and culture in New York. The center has a little gallery and a theater as well. Note that the gallery is open only by appointment, and they will be delighted to open for you the door to the fantastic virtual-artistic world of Enda O'Donoghue. Call 212-757-3318. [Suzanne Trouve Feff]

Suzanne Trouve Feff, a native of Paris, is a contributor to the Museum Gazeeter. Curator's Choice: Museums and Exhibitions in New York City and Vicinity:

Opening Thursday April 30- exhibition: "Fragments" in New York

"Fragments" An Exhibition of Paintings by Enda O’Donoghue at the Irish Arts Center in New York April 30-June 19| Gallery Open by Appointment Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Enda O’Donoghue is known for his work in painting, photography, video, installation, public art and interactive media. His most recent paintings depict banal scenes of everyday life such as packed subway cars, travelers waiting at airport gates and fast food checkout counters. Rather than being based on live models, O’Donoghue’s subject matter is drawn from snapshots he finds on the Internet. The artist refers to the subjects of these works as “in-between” spaces, which are neither public nor private. The same could be said of his work, which is neither the original product of his imagination nor a direct copy. Using the ancient art form of painting to comment on contemporary phenomena, he challenges the viewer to think about the connections between fine art and technology as forms of self-expression. O’Donoghue has been living and working in Berlin since 2002.

For more information about his work, visit Irish Arts Center, 553 West 51 Street, New York, NY 10019

This exhibition is supported by Culture Ireland, promoting Irish arts worldwide.

Tease Art Fair Cologne


The third Tease Art Fair in Cologne Opened on 22 April and will run will from 23th to 26th April, 2009 Galerie Hunchentoot is presenting work from Tobias Becker, Philipp Hennevogl, Enda O'Donoghue, Tom Schmelzer and Gregor Stephan. Located at the RheinTriadem, Konrad Adenauer Ufer 3 am Rhein. For further information about the Tease Art Fair visit the website

Hunchentoot Revisited

Opening on Friday, 20th Feb at 7pm The exhibition features works from: Tobias Becker Philipp Hennevogl Thomas Kutschker Enda O'Donoghue Gregor Stephan Tom Schmelzer The exhibition runs from the 21.02.2009 - 14.03.2009. Hunchentoot, Galerie für zeitgenössische Positionen, Choriner Straße 8, 10119 Berlin E-mail:, Homepage: Gallery opening times: Tues-Fr1 16:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-18:00 and by appointment