Kunstauktion zugunsten der Stiftung Telefonseelsorge Berlin - Berlinische Galerie

The annual benifit auction in aid of the Stiftung Telefonseelsorge Berlin takes place on Tuesday 15th November 2011 at 7pm in the Berlinische Galerie with a preview between 2pm and 7pm. The auction is preceded by an exhibition of all the works in the mianki.Gallery in Berlin-Schöneberg. This takes place between 3rd and 12th November. The opening times of mianki.Gallery are: Tuesday to Friday 3-7pm and Saturday 11am-4pm. The auction catalogue is available to download as a PDF here.
Die Auktion findet am 15. November 2011 von 14 bis 19 Uhr in der Berlinischen Galerie statt. Eine Vorbesichtigung findet am 3. November zwischen 19 und 24 Ur in der mianki Gallery in Berlin-Schöneberg statt. Die Ausstellung wird dort bis zum 11. November gezeigt. Auktionator ist Fares Al-Hassan, M.A. Den Ausstellungskatalog (als PDF) finden Sie hier, die offizielle Einladung hier.
Participating artists are:
Sylvia Betke, Stephen Wilks, Michelle Jezierski, Hermann Reimer, Johanna Silbermann, Willem Julius Müller, Enda O'Donoghue, Florian Schulz, Dan von Anhalt, Barbara Quandt, Mareile Mack, Gero Neumeister, Kate Mackeson, Sibylle Wagner, Andrea Brussig, Gleb Bas, Heiko Blankenstein, Selina Ohneberg, Antonia Wall Mount, Sergei A. Dott, Matej Košir, Anton Unai, Lennart Gray, Claudia Kallscheuer, Silke K. Hahn, Andreas Herrmann, Jacob copper, Fred Hüning, Darko Dragicevic, Hannes Bend, Klaus Muenzer , Almut von Pusch, Regina Nieke, Alexandra Baumgartner, Megumi Oka, Henry Woller, Andrea Hild, Rosika Jankó-Mody, Shan flower, BMP, Gaby Schulze, Tom Doughboy, Zora, Matthias Beckmann, Veronika Witte, Buffy Klama, Philip Grözinger Wolfgang Zandt, Carla Mercedes Hihn, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Wanda Stolle, Peter Ruehle, Timo Behn, Cornelia Enderlein, Friederike von Rauch, Thomas Hillig, Christine Sophie Bloess, Hannah Hallermann, Katharina Schnitzler, Susanne Wehr, Anne Kott, Hannah Hallermann, Barbara Quandt, Katharina Schnitzler, Florian Schulz, Dan von Anhalt, Wolfgang Zandt and Mirjam Siefert.
Stiftung Telefonseelsorge Berlin www.telefonseelsorge-berlin.de
Berlinische Galerie www.berlinischegalerie.de 
mianki Gallery www.mianki.com
Kunst Magazin www.kunst-magazin.de




Getting Territorial


06.11.11 – 02.12.11

Vernissage 05.11.11, 18h

The exhibition "Getting Territorial" brings together video from artists Michael Zheng, Enda O'Donoghue and Ruth Hutter at 25Bilder/Sekunde, the new and only Art Space for contemporary video art in Mannheim. Curated by Simone Kraft.


M7,11 (Mr. & Mrs. Smith)
68161 Mannheim

Das Videoschaufenster wird täglich von 14 bis 24 Uhr bespielt. | Open daily from 2pm until midnight.




Exhibition opening on Tuesday, 1st November at 6pm and running until Thursday, 3rd November at Belltable, Limerick, Ireland

Exhibition opening on Monday, 7th November at 6pm and running until 11th November in the Priory of Locmaria, in Quimper, France

Cillian BOYD, Anna CAREY, Mary CLARE LYONS, Amanda DUNSMORE, Mike FOX,  Catrhine HEHIR, Mathilde HERVÉ, Mary HICKEY, Breda LYNCH, Jennifer LYNCH, Noelle NOONAN, Peter MORGAN, Deirdre POWER, Nuala O'SULLIVAN, Enda O'DONOUGHUE, Marie O' DONOVAN,  Agnieszka ROBAK, Paul QUAST

Marion BAO, Fournier Yu Chang HSU,  Jin Jin LI, Matthieu MAURY, Gwen MEREL, Coralie MEZIERES, Agathe PAMART, Marine PENHOUET, Nathalie PETIT, Olivia RUELLO, Christelle TRAVERT, Noemi VEBERIČ LEVOVNIK


This Cross-Cultural Art Exhibition is an arts intervention as a means to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twinning between Limerick and Quimper. As there were no official celebrations in place to celebrate this anniversary, a group of artists from Limerick and Quimper came together in active citizenship and decided that the 30 year anniversary of this cultural union was indeed worth celebrating. These exhibitions include current and ex staff and students of Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT., and Ecole Europeenne Superieure d'Art, Quimper. The corresponding exhibition takes place in Quimper on Tuesday 08/11/2011 until Thursday 10/11/2011. This “Artist Twinning” is the first in a series of proposed cross cultural exhibitions; next year’s collaboration includes a city in Spain.

À l'initiative de Mathilde Hervé et de Christelle Travert et pour célébrer le 30 ème anniversaire du jumelage entre Limerick et Quimper et favoriser les relations culturelles entre les deux villes, vous êtes cordialement invités au vernissage ( consommations payante) qui se tiendra le Lundi 07 Novembre 2011 à 18h00 en compagnie des artistes venu de Limerick , au Prieuré de Locmaria , à Quimper . Cet événement se fait l'écho du premier vernissage qui a eu lieu la semaine précédente avec des jeunes artistes quimpérois à Limerick en Irlande . 


BELLTABLE, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick 
email info@belltable.ie

«Now&After» at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art


Moscow Museum of Modern Art 


13 July – 4 September 2011

Video work by Enda O’Donoghue will be featured in “Now&After” which will be shown as a curatorial project at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Twenty two artists from Russia, Poland, Germany, Ireland, France, Brazil, USA, Taiwan, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy, Turkey have been selected to participate.

Now and after is both the real world and the world of imagination where our fantasies come to life. Remaining within the terms of “Now & After”, the artists visualize their perception of space and time, experiment with the language of video. They look back, fantasize the future and identify themselves in present. ‘Now&After’ is curated by Marina Fomenko.


The Mobility Project exhibition

Photos from The Mobility Project exhibition at GALERIE SUVI LEHTINEN on Novalisstrasse 7, Berlin which runs until 23rd July 2011. Open Tuesday-Saturday 12-18. Panel discussion with artists & invited speakers on 20th July. 

Featuring work by Simon Clark, Elly Clarke, Enda O’Donoghue, Kerstin Honeit, plan b/Sophia New and Dan Belasco Rogers & Fedora Romita




All photos courtesy of Elly Clarke


Further photos of the exhibition installation and the opening can be found here: http://www.clarkegallery.de/index.php?/forthcoming/the-mobility-project/



Upcoming: The Mobility Project exhibition at Suvi Lehtinen Gallery, Berlin

 Untitled #17 by Simon Clark

Untitled #17 by Simon Clark  

The Mobility Project curated by Elly Clarke
Opens on 24th June at Suvi Lehtinen Gallery, Berlin
Galerie Suvi Lehtinen
Novalisstrasse 7
10115 Berlin
tel: +49 (0)176 3240 6673

VERNISSAGE Friday, June 24th 2011 at 19:00
EXHIBITION RUNS  June 25th - July 30th

OPENING TIMES Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00 to 18:00
For more information contact: info@galerielehtinen.com

The Mobility Project 
Curated by Elly Clarke / Clarke Gallery

With work by Simon Clark, Elly Clarke, Enda O’Donoghue, Kestin Honeit, plan b/Sophia 
New and Dan Belasco Rogers and Fedora Romita
“Keep connected, you are never alone, never alone with a mobile phone in your pocket.”1
Over the last decade, particularly since the mass take-up of the mobile phone, the ever-
increasing mobility - of people, goods, information and images - has radically altered the 
way we perceive, interpret, navigate and even describe the world. Notions of presence 
and absence, solitude and togetherness and even of geography are changing, as our 
personally tailored collections of contacts, communities, photos and politics are with us 
24/7. The way we travel around the places we live in, and how we interact with others 
whilst we’re there, has a great impact on the way we understand not only where we are
but also who we are. Communication and movement are, and always have been, closely 
linked, dictating the scope of our influence. But today, in a world where one tweeted 
photo can be seen across five continents within seconds, that influence can reach areas 
and cultures of which we have no concept.
Here, six projects present six different approaches to the project of mobility. From 
Simon Clark’s epic cycle journey around the UK delivering postcards he picked up from 
the Galapagos Islands direct into people’s hands to plan b’s live redrawing of their GPS 
traces gathered over their past year in Berlin direct onto the gallery wall; from Enda 
O’Donoghue paintings created from low-res mobile phone photos found on the internet 
to Kerstin Honeit’s multi-city performance-experiments where she instructs women to 
stand on the same area of pavement for fifteen minutes - and finally from Fedora 
Romita’s audio recordings of the U-Bahn network of Berlin as a means of getting to 
know the city she just moved to, to my own five minute video showing an unexpected 
moment of stillness on the German autobahn - these are personal portraits of 
navigation. But, between them, they touch on wider issues that affect us all as we 
negotiate our way around the world C including gender, power, surveillance and the 
relationship between physical and virtual materiality. 
Elly Clarke is an artist & curator based in Berlin and Birmingham, UK.
A series of artist talks and related events will take place during the run of this exhibition 
and a specially commissioned set of limitedCedition prints by each of the artists released 
at the opening. Please check the gallery website for further details and updates. 
1Excerpt from Instantaneous Culture, by Berlin band Theodor Stor



wir sind hier bei uns.


wir sind hier bei uns.

Was heißt das? Wer sind "wir"? Was heißt "hier"? Wo ist das überhaupt, "bei uns"? Fragen, die von vier in Berlin lebenden Künstlern aufgenommen und aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven betrachtet werden und in die Arbeiten dieser Ausstellung einfließen.

Ausstellungseröffnung am 9. Juni, 19 uhr
Exhibition opening on Thursday 9th June at 7pm

Ort/Place: Siegfriedstraße 12, 12051 Berlin Neukölln (U/S- bahn Hermannstraße)

Teilnehmende Künstler/Participating Artists : Liz Little (Installation), Javier Lozano Jaén (Grafik), Enda O’Donoghue (Malerei . www.endaism.com), Shuah Broterton (Installation -www.shuah-brotherton.de)


The Beauty of a Minor Matter - Berlin

 The Beauty Of Minor Matter 

They appear in the studio of every artist but never really leave it for exhibitions ...
... except tonight.
The exhibition shows works of 50 artists: photos- drawings- sketches-
small sculptures- accidents- objects- readymade- maybe just forgot it on the table-
 things which shelter a small story-trash..


Frank Altmann/ Johnny Amore/ Katharina Arndt/ Joanna Buchowska/
Christian Burnoski/ Ayelen Coccoz/ Boris Duhm/ Priscila De Carvalho/
Liz Di Giorgio/ Dorotea Doreen Etzler/ Ilse Ermen/ Ilona Gaikis/
Peter Goettler/ Cornelius Grau/ Michael Hanusch/ Andrea Hartinger/
Katrin Heister/ Eva Herold/ Elke Hennen/ Katrin Herzner/ Torbjörn Johansson/
Katharina Kamph/ Gregor Kasper/ Egbert Kasper/ Anna Kolod/
Dina Khouri/ Olaf Kramzik/ Stefanie Kramer/ Markus Krug/
Nina Lassila/ Wojciech Lawnicki/ Steffen Lenk/
Miguel Angel Lorenzio/ Sylwia Ludas/ Angela Markante/
Antoannetta Marinov/ Astrid Menze/ Nora Lena Meyer/ John Joseph Murray/
Enda O'Donoghue/ Gero Neumeister/ Pauline Payen/ Emmanuelle Rapin/
Roberta Ravagnani/ Stefan Riebel/ Sabrina Schieke/ Weronika Trojańska/

Project initiated by Katrin Herzner

Curated by Katrin Herzner and Alessandro Vitali


OPEN RECEPTION: wednesday 01.06.11// 8pm. One night show.

Address:U8/U1 Kottbusser Tor, Skalitzer140_temporary, Skalitzer Strasse 140, first floor,10999, Berlin



art KARLSRUHE 2011 with Galerie hunchentoot


Recent work by ENDA O'DONOGHUE will be featured by Galerie hunchentoot at Art Karlsruhe 2011, which runs from 10th March to the 13th March 2011. Other artists which will be featured by the gallery are AURELIA GRATZER, JENS HANKE, PHILIPP HENNEVOGL and GREGOR STEPHAN. The gallery will be located at Halle 4, Booth P 03. The preview takes place on 9th March opening at 5pm. 

Opening hours: March 10th - 12th : 12 - 8 pm; March 13th: 11 am - 7 pm
art KARLSRUHE 2011,  Messe Karlsruhe, Messeallee 1, 76287 Rheinstetten


Art vs Law

At the Neukölln Academy of Now!
Saturday, February 5th
16.00 - 20.00

Curated Visual Essay plus Discussion (Artists working in and around legal concepts, or with positive/negative experiences of copyright law, particularly welcome and encouraged to participate in discussion).

Increasingly, contemporary artists are coming into conflict with 'The Law' - in most cases with that confusing area of the law known as copyright. An emerging young artist such as Cartrain, for example, can find himself legally constrained by an established artist such as Damien Hirst. Cartrain took an image of Hirst’s piece ‘For The Love of God’ and included it in a cheeky portrait of the man himself.


Sometimes, of course, the issue of whether a problematic ‘taking’ has occurred is a little bit more complicated than that – especially the more conceptual the art becomes. Copyright law operates under the assumption that copying all, or at least a substantial part, of an image, without permission of the creator, is illegal. The world of art, on the other hand, believes itself to have no such prejudice: all that can matter is whether or not the ‘new’ work is considered to be art, irrespective of whether or not it is, aesthetically, the same or very similar. When taken to an absolute conclusion, the results can be, well, somewhat confusing, and perhaps a little bit disrespectful to the original artist – although a point about ownership might be being made.

Law and Art are therefore perceived, in many cases, to be in an intractable conflict. Does this have to be the case? This curated visual essay (plus discussion afterwards) wants to explore the idea of the apparent conflict between art and law, and hopes to illustrate that both disciplines could, in fact, learn a little from the other. The aim is to set the artist to thinking about how law could, perhaps, facilitate their practice, how the law could protect their work from mis-treatment, how it could be appropriately circumvented, or, indeed, how it could be utilised to better communicate the artistic concept or undertake a critical commentary upon the law itself.

With artists Enda O’Donoghue and Eoin Llewellyn discussing how law intersects with their own practice.

Curated by Alan Cunningham

Visual Essay from 16:00
Discussion starts at 18:00