FRIEZE - Group Exhibition at the Kunsthalle m3, Berlin



18.6 - 3.7.2016
Exhibition opens: Friday 17th June 2016 from 7pm

Kunsthalle m3
Mengerzeile 1-3,
12435 Berlin

"Frieze" in architecture refers to a long band of carved, modelled or painted decoration, usually adorning buildings just under the roof or ceiling. This form of architectural ornamentation had its origins in Antiquity and was particularly widespread in Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome.

The frieze is the chosen format for the fourth annual exhibition of the Berlin-based artists' group, InFormat. The members of this international collective are Paul Barnett (NZ), Nicole Heinzel (UK/GER), Michelle Lloyd (IRL), Ivan Lacaze (FRA), Karla Marchesi (AUS), Enda O'Donoghue (IRL), Cameron Rudd (UK) and Alex Tennigkeit (GER).

Contrary to narrative friezes in art history such as the Athenian life scenes in the Parthenon Frieze or Gustav Klimt's homage to the composer in his Beethoven Frieze, InFormat did not set themselves a designated "theme". A common height of 80cm and each individual's interpretation of "frieze", were the project's only stipulations. This optical common denominator and the hanging itself will determine the dialogue between the artists' panels and the space of the hall - an on-site story unfurls.


RAE space for contemporary art shows ALPTRAUM (14th location, April 30th, 9 p.m., during Berlin Gallery Weekend.

RAE (HQ), space for contemporary art, Berlin
Gustav-Adolf-Straße 145 / next to Hamburger Platz 13086 Berlin
Tram M12 / Bus 156,

ARTIST LIST, ALPTRAUM, Berlin, 14th location
Pio Abad (Philippines) | Sanell Aggenbach (South Africa) | Minor Alexander (Russia) | Sonja Alhäuser (Germany) | Li Alin (Canada) | Pablo Alonso (Spain) | Deniz Alt (Germany) | Axel Anklam (Germany) | Nina Ansari (Iran) | Laura Baginski (Germany) | Alexandra Baumgartner (Austria) | Matthias Beckmann (Germany) | Boris Beja (Slovenia) | Viktor Bernik (Slovenia) | Zander Blom (South Africa) | Armin Boehm (Germany) | Sascha Boldt (Germany) | Jan-Henri Booyens (South Africa) | Wim Botha (South Africa) | Julia Buntaine (Canada) | Lutz Braun (Germany) | Laura Bruce (U.S.A.) | Stuart Cairns (United Kingdom) | Mimmo Catania (Italy) | Il-Jin Atem Choi (Germany) | Nenad Cizl (Slovenia) | Ben Cottrell (United Kingdom) | Eric Decastro (France) | Kedar Dk (India) | Mandakini Devi (India) | Jos Diegel (Germany) | Ulrich Diezmann (Germany) | Thomas Draschan (Austria) | Sven Drühl (Germany) | Peter Duka (Germany) | Nils Daniel Ebert (Germany) | C. van Eeden (South Africa) | Dominik Eggermann (Switzerland) | Patricia Eustaquio (Philippines) | Mina Fina (Slovenia) | Bettina Forget (Canada) | Heiner Franzen (Germany) | Jonathan Garnham (South Africa) | Andrew Gilbert (United Kingdom) | Samuel Grajfoner (Slovenia) | Georgina Gratrix (South Africa) | Liza Grobler (South Africa) | Ian Grose (South Africa) | Jayant Gupta (India) | Margarete Hahner (Germany) | Hannah Hallermann (Germany) | Florian Heinke (Germany) | Trasi Henen (South Africa) | Lori Hersberger (Switzerland) | Gregor Hildebrandt (Germany) | Stefan Hirsig (Germany) | Jim Holyoak (Canada) | Robert Horvath (U.S.A.) | Johannes Hueppi (Germany) | Thaddaeus Hueppi (Germany) | Ichiro Irie (U.S.A.) | Adam Jankowski (Austria) | Birgit Jensen (Germany) | Megha Joshi (India) | Susanne Jung (Germany) | Lisa Junghanss (Germany) | Katharina Kakar (India) | Katrin Kampmann (Germany) | Isabel Kerkermeier (Germany) | Gabriele Konsor (Germany) | Clemens Krauss (Austria) | Edgar Leciejewski (Germany) | Xenia Lesniewski (Germany) | Joep van Liefland (The Netherlands) | Simone van de Loo (Germany) | Catherine Lorent (Luxembourg) | Christoph von Löw (Germany) | René Luckhardt (Germany) | Lilly Lulay (Germany) | Polona Maher (Slovenia) | Jörg Mandernach (Germany) | Sandra Mann (Germany) | Stefan Mannel (Germany) | Cécile Martin (Canada) | Nomthunzi Mashalaba (South Africa) | Sandra Meisel (Germany) | Kalidas Mhamal (India) | Rebecca Michaelis (Germany) | Ekaterina Mitichkina (Belarus) | Midhun Mohan (India) | Mohau Modisakeng (South Africa) | Virginie Mossé (France) | Jan Muche (Germany) | Iris Musolf (Germany) | Elena Muti (Italy) | Viraj Naik (India) | Robyn Nesbitt (South Africa) | Wolfgang Neumann (Germany) | Rainer Neumeier (Germany) | Nik Nowak (Germany) | Mario Nubauer (Austria) | Enda O`Donoghue (Ireland) | Beatrix Opolka (Germany) | Alex Ortiz (Canada) | Jürgen Ostarhild (German) | Manfred Peckl (Austria) | Christian Pilz (Germany) | Mark Požlep (Slovenia) | Arjan Pregl (Slovenia) | Max Presneill (U.S.A.) | Richard Priestley (United Kingdom) | Eva Räder (Germany) | Tanja Rochelmeyer (Germany) | Anke Röhrscheid (Germany) | Römer + Römer (Germany Russia) | Jenny Rosemeyer (Germany) | Dennis Rudolph (Germany) | Ruth Sacks (South Africa) | Jaco van Schalkwyk (South Africa) | Maik Schierloh (Germany) | Andreas Schlaegel (Germany) | Sebastiaan Schlicher (The Netherlands) | Bettina Scholz (Germany) | Ann Schomburg (Germany) | Bettina Sellmann (Germany) | Marcus Sendlinger (Germany) | Natalija Šeruga (Slovenia) | Claudia Shneider (South Africa) | Heidi Sill (Germany) | Diana Sirianni (Italy) | Alexander Skorobogatov (Russia) | Katarina Sočan (Slovenia) | Miha Štrukelj (Slovenia) | Linda Stupart (South Africa) | Gayatri Subramanian (India) | Simona Šuc (Slovenia) | Nina Šulin (Slovenia) | Ernie Luley Superstar (Germany) | Alex Tennigkeit (Germany) | Amalia Theodorakopoulos (Greece) | Peter Thol (Germany) | Žiga Tomori (Slovenia) | Klaus-Martin Treder (Germany) | Luka Uršič (Slovenia) | Tamzyn Varney (South Africa) | Urša Vidic (Slovenia) | Rachel von Morgenstern (Germany) | Sašo Vrabič (Slovenia) | Maik Wolf (Germany) | Renate Wolff (Germany) | Ronald Wullems (The Netherlands) | Michael Wutz (Germany) | Ed Young (South Africa) | Phillip Zaiser (Germany) | Frank Michael Zeidler (Germany) | Thomas Zipp.

"Faraway Longings" exhibition at the Embassy of Ireland in Berlin

Faraway Longings

An exhibition of Irish artists living and working in Berlin featuring works by:

Maurice Doherty
Adam Fearon

Jane Hughes
Enda O’Donoghue
Ciarán Walsh

Curated by Sheena Malone

6.30-8.30pm, Thursday, 4 February 2016
Please RSVP for the vernissage by sending an email to before 1 February

Embassy of Ireland, Jägerstrasse 51, Berlin 10117.
5 February- 31 March 2016
Monday-Friday 9.30-12.30 or by appointment

While conceptions of Irish diaspora for many years have been intertwined with ideas of forced emigration, in recent times emigration does not necessarily have to be associated with the immense sadness of separation and final farewells which led to the creation of rituals such as The American Wake.

‘Faraway Longings’ looks at the positive impacts of the Irish artistic diaspora in Germany and by its very nature in gathering a selection of Berlin-based practitioners will touch on the themes of emigration, travel, cultural dispersal and cross-pollination.

The initial exhibition concept draws upon two terms used in the German language: Wanderlust which specifically describes a state of being where one has a strong desire or is impelled to wander and rove, and similarly Fernweh, the longing for travel far from home where grass may seem greener. These journeys can be physical, spiritual or metaphorical as can be the concept of distance. In part, the exhibition investigates dichotomies and attempts at reconciliation in cultures where travelers may find themselves, perhaps in an intermediate state, existing wholly in neither place, but on certain levels operating consciously in both. 

While the participating artists in this exhibition are bound together by their geographic location, a broad spectrum of media highlights the diversity of their practices. The selection of works incorporates painting, photography, film and sculpture, which deal with themes relating to personal and collective memories, methods of representation and complex concepts of alienation in a globalized and post-colonial world.

Sightings - solo exhibition at the Pantocrator Gallery, Shanghai - opening 24th Oct

Opens 24th October 7pm till 9pm
Exhibition runs from 24th October until 7th November
This exhibition is the first solo show in China by Berlin based Irish artist Enda O'Donoghue. He will be presenting a series of new paintings created specifically for this exhibition based on found photographs of UFO sightings ​in 1973 ​from ​various places ​around the world. According to many sources 1973 was a bumper year for UFO sightings, it has been called “The Great UFO Wave”. Hundreds of sightings were reported throughout the United States and in many other countries across the globe. Some of these reports included tales of abductions, some with elaborate descriptions of humanoid like beings and some included photographs purporting to show the alien crafts or “flying saucers”. In O'Donoghue's paintings all traces of these mysterious crafts have been removed.
Born in 1973 in Limerick, Ireland, O’Donoghue has been living and working in Berlin since 2002. His work has previously been shown in China in a number of group exhibitions, such as at the Irish pavilion for the Expo in Shanghai in 2010. He has taken part in numerous international group exhibitions, including shows at CHB, Berlin (2014), Meter Room, Coventry (2012), The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2011), Universal Cube, Leipzig (2008), Four Gallery, Dublin (2006), The Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (2006) and a number of solo shows in Berlin, Ireland and in 2009 a solo exhibition in New York. In 2012 his work was presented in a major solo exhibition at the Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland and in 2014 he was awarded a residency at the Golden Foundation for the Arts in New York state. He has also curated a number of group exhibitions, most recently an exhibition presenting a selection of Berlin based Irish artists at Grimmmuseum in Berlin which toured to the Galway Arts Centre, Ireland in 2013.
This exhibition is supported by Culture Ireland

Pantocrator Gallery
Shanghai. China

M50. Moghanshan Rd. Building 4B 105. 200060
中国上海市M50, 莫干山路4B栋楼105室 200060


恩达奥 ∙ 多诺休 上海个展
Pantocrator画廊 ∙ 上海M50创意园
开幕仪式:10月24日 7-9PM

本次展览是来自柏林的爱尔兰艺术家恩达 ∙ 奥多诺休在中国首次个展。他将展示一系列专门为本次展览创作的画作。这些画作以1973年世界各地的UFO目击事件照片为灵感来源。1973年是UFO目击事件的爆发年,这一时期也被称为“UFO大浪潮”。数以百计的目击报告涌现于美国各地和许多其他国家。有些报告包含绑架经历,有的详细描述了类人形生物,而一些图像报告意在呈现外星产物或“飞碟”。在奥多诺休的作品中,这些神秘元素已被剔除。

1973年生于爱尔兰利默里克市,奥多诺休自2002年以来一直工作并生活在柏林。在中国,奥多诺休的画作曾在多个群展被展出,包括在2010年举办的上海世博会的爱尔兰展馆。奥多诺休也曾参加过许多国际联展,包括柏林CHB(2014),考文垂 ”电表房”(2012),莫斯科博物馆现代艺术展(2011),莱比锡“万能魔方”(2008),都柏林“四廊”(2006),哥本哈根当代艺术研究所(2006),以及若干个在柏林,爱尔兰的展览和2009年在纽约的个展。 2012年,爱尔兰的利默里克市美术馆举行了大型奥多诺休个人作品展;2014年,他被邀请参加了金艺术基金会在纽约州的艺术家体验创作项目。奥多诺休近期策划并参与了许多群展。最近一次展览在2013年,包含了多位在柏林的爱尔兰艺术家的作品,由柏林格林兄弟博物馆首发,巡回展览最后到达爱尔兰高威艺术中心。

Panorama at Kunsthalle m3, Berlin - Opening october 9th 2015




Opening Friday 9th October 2015 at 7pm

Exhibition runs from Friday 9th - Sunday,18th October 2014




In the present day, with huge crystal clear high definition widescreen televisions and mobile phone apps which can stitch photos together to create seamless 360 degrees views, the power of the panorama has been somewhat diluted. However not so long ago it was difficult not to conjure up ideas of cinema, or what could be described as the cinematic view, when confronted by panoramic images. One of the chief reasons that cinema adopted the widescreen formats, such as the classic CinemaScope format, was to compete with the rising popularity of television in the 1950’s and these new formats became quickly favoured for epic movies often of a religious or historic flavour.

In previous centuries painting adopted the panoramic format and similarly used it to depict major historical events and heroic battle scenes. In fact the word “panorama” has its origins in painting, it was coined in the late 18th Century by the Anglo-Irish painter Robert Barker to describe his own 360 degree cityscape paintings of Edinburgh and London which were presented on a cylindrical surface. These proved to be hugely popular with the public and soon a trend in panoramic painting spread across Europe. The poet William Wordsworth famously took an extreme dislike to the format, describing it as a charade which inhibited people’s ability to imagine things for themselves. Despite this the panoramic format continued to proliferate and with the invention of photography the format was quickly adopted by assembling multiple images to create single wide views. This eventually evolved into the moving panorama which was a precursor to the motion picture and cinema itself.

This exhibition presents individual works by eight different painters which are all in the same scaled panoramic format, a 2:1 format but each tackling very different ideas, themes and images. This is the third exhibition in an ongoing series once again bringing together the work of these eight international Berlin-based artists. Like the two previous exhibitions, 6 Squared (2013) and Triptych (2014), each artist has created one new work specifically for this show which responds to the constraints and challenges but also the insights and discoveries from working within a particular pre-defined format.

Opening times: Saturday & Sunday 2pm to 5pm

and by appointment: +49 172 746 7225


Kunsthalle m3, Mengerzeile 1-3 12435 Berlin

email: |

Landscape - Metropolis exhibition photos

Landscape - Metropolis

This large-scale exhibition of Finnish Environmental Art in collaboration with Irish curator John Power of G11, and a myriad of Irish/Finnish/Berlin-based artists takes place for the first time in Berlin’s Metropolis, creating a unique platform for the exchange of ideas.

The show encompasses an impressive variety of media and scale including large sculptural installations, pho- tography, painting and video works. Concerns for the ecological and the poetic are knitted together in the apt setting of this former power station in Berlin-Schönweide, literally translated to ‘pretty pasture’. Sadly all rem- nants of these green meadows have long since vanished following Berlin’s industrialization. However, like the remote Finnish forests, or even barren Irish landscapes, Berlin’s industrial wasteland has become the perfect playground for artists, with space and freedom for experimentation, as one can see in this dynamic exhibition.

Environmental Art is a term often used in Finland, broadly encompassing but not limited to: ephemeral, site-specific, outdoor installations, city interventions, works often rejecting the white cube, engaging with natu- ral or recycled materials, with a focus on the ecological, ethical and the socio-political themes.

In this exhibition the viewer will experience the visceral and the tactile, in an eclectic mix of delicate materials and surreal experiences, such as Heli Hietala's eerie use of carefully collected goose feathers in her hanging sculpture Birdies, or Jonne Pitkänen's strange kinetic installations hiding in the cellar.

While Kevin Ryan's House works are a playful response to the ever-growing urban environment of contempo- rary life, Alma Heikkilä's painting, 10€ ( Money refers to it self) is a palpable comment on our current economic crisis and echoes the themes of Elva Mulchrone's painting Economic Landscape V11, informed by the cyclical nature of repeat patterns and the consequences of macroeconomic policy through the process of painting.

Freezing moments of our high-speed digital reality of throwaway imagery, Enda O'Donoghue offers a moment’s respite in his slow, fastidious, almost mathematical painting, The Wet Collections. Similarly, dealing with our digital realities, Saara-Maria Kariranta's approach embraces the possibilities of 3D printing, merging traditional sculptural techniques with contemporary technology.

An unassuming allure characterizes many of the artworks in this show, such as Sirpa Jokinen's birdcage instal- lation, Chalk Scattered on a Birdcage, Dust Covering a Portrait. Kaisu Koivisto's work from the series Land- scapes of Longing (Wünsdorf) poetically highlights our climate of uncertainties with natural scenery blemished with signs of exploitation in redundant military sites. While a strong presence is felt in the more contemplative paintings of Tapani Hyypiä, this contrasts again with the more chaotic, unabashedly defiant and vibrant works of artist duo Moseke & Pelda.

This is just a small flavour of some of the artworks to be experienced in this ambitious exhibition. Landscape-Metropolis hints at the motif of nature in its various guises, with a plea to preserve these sacred spaces in the face of economic pressures, yet acknowledges the constant flux in our environment, our ever expanding cities, and the impossibility of a clear didacticism as they inevitably mesh. Despite uncertain times these artists, each in their own way, show their persistence to grapple with our changing environments.

This exhibition celebrates LARU ART Association, Finland's 10th anniversary. LARU ART Association is a Hel- sinki-based non-profit whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness, art creation and artists collabo- ration.

MUU is an artist run, Finnish interdisciplinary artist association, founded in 1987 to represent and promote new and experimental forms of art. It is the largest one of its' kind in Finland. PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 5 show- cases video performances by 13 artists and collectives. The PV5 compilation theme is “Domestic”, implying such concepts as national, home and even homelessness, as well as family, native, national, political point of view, and immigration. 




Landscape - Metropolis

Diese umfangreiche Ausstellung umweltbezogener Kunst von einer Vielzahl irischer, finnischer und Berliner Künstler in Zusammenarbeit mit dem irischen Kuratoren John Power von G11 Berlin findet erstmalig in Berlin statt und schafft eine einzigartige Plattform für den Austausch von Ideen.

Die Ausstellung umfasst verschiedene Medien, darunter skulpturale Installationen, Fotografie, Malerei und Videoarbeiten. Unter dem Dach des ehemaligen Kraftwerks in Berlin-Schöneweide werden Bezüge zwischen Ökologie und Poesie hergestellt. Die ‚schönen Weiden’ sind seit langem der Industrialisierung gewichen. Nun- mehr sind die heutigen Berliner Industriebrachen, ebenso wie die versteckten finnischen Wälder oder auch die kargen irischen Landschaften, für Künstler zur perfekten Aktionsfläche mit viel Freiraum zum Experimentieren geworden. Dies ist in dieser dynamischen deutlich Ausstellung zu erkennen.

Umweltbezogene Kunst ist in Finnland ein oft verwendeter Begriff, der weitgehend seinen Fokus auf ökolo- gische, ethische und sozio-politische Themen legt, in Bezug auf die Ausführung jedoch keine Grenzen setzt. So können u.a. Freiland-Installationen, Stadt Interventionen oder die Auseinandersetzung mit natürlichen oder wiederverwertbaren Materialien thematisiert werden.

In dieser Ausstellung erleben die Besucher das Wesentliche und Spürbare in einer eklektischen Mischung aus empfindlichen Materialien und surrealen Erfahrungen. Heli Hietala verwendet sorgfältig gesammelte Gänsefed- ern in ihrer hängende Skulptur Birdies und Jonne Pitkänen’s seltsame kinetischen Installationen erstrahlen versteckt im Keller des Gebäudes.

Während Kevin Ryan’s Häuser eine spielerische Antwort auf die ständig wachsende städtische Umwelt des modernen Lebens sind, kommentiert Alma Heikkilä’s große Malerei 10€ (Money refers to is self) die aktuelle wirtschaftliche Krise. Dies spiegelt auch das Thema von Elva Mulchrone’s Gemälde Economic Landscape V11, welches durch die zyklische Natur sich wiederholender Muster und die Auswirkungen makroökonomischer Politik durch den Prozess der Malerei gekennzeichnet ist.

Eingefrorenen Momente unserer high-speed Digital Reality von Wegwerfbildern. Enda O’Donoghue bietet eine kurze Ruhepause in seinem langsamen, anspruchsvollen, fast mathematischen Gemälde The Wet Col- lections. Der Umgang mit unseren digitalen Realitäten ist ebenfalls Saara-Maria Kariranta’s Thema. Sie nutzt die Möglichkeiten des 3D-Drucks um traditionelle bildhauerische Techniken mit moderner Technologie zusam- menzuführen.

Für viele Kunstwerke dieser Ausstellung ist ein besonderer Reiz kennzeichnend, wie Sirpa Jokinen’s Instal- lation eines Vogelkäfigs Chalk Scattered on a Birdcage, Dust Covering a Portrait. Kaisu Koivisto’s Arbeiten aus der Serie Landscapes of Longing (Wünsdorf) unterstreichen poetisch unser Klima der Unsicherheit, ausgedrückt in Fotografien von natürlichen Landschaften, die mit Anzeichen von Ausbeutung in redundanten militärischen Standorten verunreinigt sind. Die kontemplativen Gemälde von Tapani Hyypiä zeigen Präsenz und stehen in Kontrast zu den chaotischen und lebendigen Werken des Künstlerduos Moseke & Pelda.

Dies ist nur ein kleiner Einblick in einige der Kunstwerke die in dieser ambitionierten Ausstellung zu sehen sind. Landscape-Metropolis weist auf das Motiv der Natur in ihren unterschiedlichen Erscheinungsformen, mit einem starken Plädoyer für den Erhalt dieser heilige Räume angesichts wirtschaftlichen Drucks. Dennoch finden die konstanten Veränderungen in unserer Umwelt und in unseren ständig wachsenden Städten ihre Anerkennung. Aufgrund der Unmöglichkeit einer klaren Didaktik verwickeln sie sich zwangsläufig ineinander. Trotz unsicherer Zeiten zeigen diese Künstler, ein jeder auf seine Weise, ihre Position zu unseren sich verän- dernden Umgebungen.

Die Ausstellung feiert den 10. Jahrestag des Bestehens von LARU Art Association Finnland. LARU Art Associ- ation ist ein in Helsinki ansässiger gemeinnütziger Verein zum Zweck der Förderung von Umweltbewusstsein, Kunst und der Zusammenarbeit von Künstlern.

MUU ist ein finnischer interdisziplinärer Künstlerverband, 1987 gegründet um neue experimentelle Formen der Kunst zu fördern und zu vertreten. Er ist der größte seiner Art in Finnland. PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 5 zeigt Video Performances von 13 Künstlern und Gruppen. Das PV5 Thema ist “Domestic”, was Begriffe wie Heimat, Obdachlosigkeit sowie Familie, Politik und Einwanderung umfasst. 

Image icon 2015-07-10_20.14.43.jpg1.25 MB


An exhibition of works from Finnish, Irish and Berlin-based artists. 

Opening 10 July 2015 at 18:00 
Exhibition continues until 8 August 

Former power station Rathenauhallen
Wilhelminenhofstr. 83. building 70
12459 Berlin – Schöneweide

ARTISTS: Riikka Aresalo I Ciro Beltran I Alma Heikkilä I Heli Hietala I Jane Hughes | Tapani Hyypiä I Sirpa Jokinen I Saara-Maria Kariranta I Bartlomiej Kiszka I Kaija Kiuru | Kaisu Koivisto I Erja Laakkonen I Sanna Majander I Pia Männikkö I Joe McGill I Anu Miettinen | Moseke & Pelda I Elva Mulchrone I Enda O’Donoghue I Mimosa Pale I Jonne Pitkänen | Eeva-Liisa Puhakka I Anni Rapinoja I Kevin Ryan I Kaisa Salmi I Michael Snoek I Hendrik Voerkel I Human Era video works

Video screening Human Era consists of works by: Carolin Koss I Silja Puranen I Leena Lehti I Kaisu Koivisto I Hannele Romppanen I Mia Mäkelä I Jonne Pitkänen I Minna Alaluusua.

Human Era - video artworks selected by LARU ART Association Finland - International Premiere at opening. 

Performance Voyage 5 Domestic - a collection of international video screenings by Artists’ Association MUU, Finland. Opening night only. Artists: Annette Arlander I Yvon Chabrowski I Sasha Huber I Julieta Maria, Sara Pathirane Richter I Meyer I Marx I Rah Saneie I Willem Wilhelmus I Tomasz Szrama I Carlo Zanni.

Jää-äär Berlin

This exhibition is kindly supported by Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick Berlin, the Arts Council of Uusimaa, Finland and the Embassy of Ireland, Berlin.


delighted to be included in this upcoming exhibition....
Curated by Marcus Sendlinger
Co-curated by Li Alin, Bettina Forget
Vernissage: jeudi, 18 juin, 17h - 19h
June 18th - June 25th
372, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, #421
Montréal QC H3B 1A2
Visual Voice  presents a wandering exhibition Alptraum (nightmare), conceived by the artist Marcus Sendlinger (Berlin). 
131 artists from 13 countries exploring nightmares.
Alptraum has been traveling the world since 2010, with one aim only – to build a collection of artists' visions of a nightmare (Alptraum). In each stopover city, new artists are added to the exhibition, exploring the relationship between the individual, the national and the global collective subconscious. The exhibition has thus far travelled through Washington, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Manila, among others. There are 131 artists from 13 countries participating in the wandering exhibition, joined by 6 new artists from around Canada for the occasion of the exhibition in Visual Voice
« Like George Orwell’s Room 101, in his predictive tale, 1984, we all have our own version of what constitutes a nightmare, and for this reason, the project has been opened to a large number of artists whose many and varied personal nightmare versions, or visions, act to reflect this hugely variable human state of fears and phobias, pain and panic. » (Marcus Sendlinger) The nightmare motif has a longstanding tradition in visual arts with its intertwining of the fantastical, the horrifying and the elusive. The theme has long fascinated artists – from the hellish landscapes of Hieronymus Bosch, Henry Fuseli’s The Nightmare (1781), Goya’s The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (c. 1798), right through to the 20th Century, when nightmares became one of the central concerns of the surrealist movement.
But are nightmares individual to all? Like dreams, which have become synonymous with individual ambition? Or are nightmares perhaps expressions of the undesirable unconscious - that common denominator of a community? Do they indicate national archetypes? Or do they simply remain in the grips of the global fears of present age? These are the questions at the centre of the Alptraum exhibition, suggesting answers through the various repetitions of the same theme.
Artists joining ALPTRAUM in Montréal:
Li Alin (Canada) | Julia Buntaine (Canada) | Bettina Forget (Canada) | Cécile Martin (Canada) | Alex Ortiz (Canada)
Pio Abad (Philippines) | Sanell Aggenbach (South Africa) | Minor Alexander (Russia) | Sonja Alhäuser (Germany) | Li Alin (Canada) | Pablo Alonso (Spain) | Deniz Alt (Germany) | Nina Ansari (Iran) | Laura Baginski (Germany) | Alexandra Baumgartner (Austria) | Matthias Beckmann (Germany) | Boris Beja (Slovenia) | Viktor Bernik (Slovenia) | Marc Bijl (The Netherlands) | Zander Blom (South Africa) | Armin Boehm (Germany) | Sascha Boldt (Germany) | Jan-Henri Booyens (South Africa) | Wim Botha (South Africa) | Julia Buntaine (Canada) | Lutz Braun (Germany) | Laura Bruce (U.S.A.) | Stuart Cairns (United Kingdom) | Mimmo Catania (Italy) | Il-Jin Atem Choi (Germany) | Nenad Cizl (Slovenia) | Ben Cottrell (United Kingdom) | Eric Decastro (France) | Kedar Dk (India) | Mandakini Devi (India) | Jos Diegel (Germany) | Thomas Draschan (Austria) | Sven Drühl (Germany) | Peter Duka (Germany) | Nils Daniel Ebert (Germany) | C. van Eeden (South Africa) | Patricia Eustaquio (Philippines) | Mina Fina (Slovenia) | Bettina Forget (Canada) | Heiner Franzen (Germany) | Crisologo Furtado (India) | Jonathan Garnham (South Africa) | Andrew Gilbert (United Kingdom) | Liza Grobler (South Africa) | Ian Grose (South Africa ) | Jayant Gupta (India) | Margarete Hahner (Germany) | Hannah Hallermann (Germany) | Florian Heinke (Germany) | Andreas Helfer (Germany) | Trasi Henen (South Africa) | Lori Hersberger (Switzerland) | Gregor Hildebrandt (Germany) | Stefan Hirsig (Germany) | Johannes Hueppi (Germany) | Thaddaeus Hueppi (Germany) | Ichiro Irie (U.S.A.) | Adam Jankowski (Austria) | Birgit Jensen (Germany) |Megha Joshi (India) | Susanne Jung (Germany) | Lisa Junghanss (Germany) | Katharina Kakar (India) | Katrin Kampmann (Germany) | Isabel Kerkermeier (Germany) | Gabriele Konsor (Germany) | Clemens Krauss (Austria) | Xenia Lesniewski (Germany) | Joep van Liefland (The Netherlands) | Simone van de Loo (Germany) | Catherine Lorent (Luxembourg) | Christoph von Löw (Germany) | Lilly Lulay (Germany) | Polona Maher (Slovenia) | Jörg Mandernach (Germany) | Sandra Mann (Germany) | Stefan Mannel (Germany) | Cécile Martin(Canada) | Nomthunzi Mashalaba (South Africa) | Sandra Meisel (Germany) | Kalidas Mhamal (India) | Rebecca Michaelis (Germany) |Midhun Mohan (India) | Mohau Modisakeng (South Africa) | Virginie Mossé (France) | Iris Musolf (Germany) | Elena Muti (Italy) | Viraj Naik (India) | Robyn Nesbitt (South Africa) | Wolfgang Neumann (Germany) | Rainer Neumeier (Germany) | Enda O`Donoghue (Ireland) | Alex Ortiz (Canada) | Manfred Peckl (Austria) | Christian Pilz (Germany) | Arjan Pregl (Slovenia) | Richard Priestley (United Kingdom) | Eva Räder (Germany) | Tanja Rochelmeyer (Germany) | Anke Röhrscheid (Germany) Römer + Römer (Germany Russia) | Jenny Rosemeyer (Germany) | Dennis Rudolph (Germany) | Jaco van Schalkwyk (South Africa) | Andreas Schlaegel (Germany) | Sebastiaan Schlicher (The Netherlands) | Bettina Scholz (Germany) | Ann Schomburg (Germany) | Marcus Sendlinger (Germany) | Natalija Šeruga (Slovenia) | Claudia Shneider (South Africa) | Heidi Sill (Germany) | Alexander Skorobogatov (Russia) | Katarina Sočan (Slovenia) | Miha Štrukelj (Slovenia) | Linda Stupart (South Africa) | Caro Suerkemper (Germany) | Nina Šulin (Slovenia) | Ernie Luley Superstar (Germany) | Karuna Tank (India) | Alex Tennigkeit (Germany) | Amalia Theodorakopoulos (Greece) | Peter Thol (Germany) | Žiga Tomori (Slovenia) | Tamzyn Varney (South Africa) | Urša Vidic (Slovenia) | Sašo Vrabič (Slovenia) | Maik Wolf (Germany) | Renate Wolff (Germany) | Ronald Wullems (The Netherlands) | Michael Wutz (Germany) | Phillip Zaiser (Germany) | Thomas Zipp (Germany)
Alptraum exhibitions since 2010:
Alptraum, The Transformer, project space. Washington D.C., United States of America, December 11, 2010 - January 15, 2011.
Alptraum, CELL project space, London, United Kingdom, January 28 - February 27, 2011.
Alptraum, Projektraum Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, March 11 - April 15, 2011.
Alptraum, The Company Gallery, Los Angeles, United States of America, May 1, 2011 - May 30, 2011.
Alptraum, blank projects, Kapstadt (Cape Town), Republic of South Africa, August 3, 2011 - August 27, 2011.
Alptraum, Goethe Institute Johannesburg, City of Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, February 9, 2012 - March 9, 2012.
Alptraum, Green Papaya Art Projects, Metro Manila - Quezon City, Republic of the Philippines, April 4, 2012 - April 24, 2012 
Alptraum, The Nightmare Never Ends, X project space, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, October 13, 2012 - October 20, 2012.
Pop Hits & Alptraum, artspace Rhein-Main, City of Offenbach, Federal Republic of Germany, November 8, 2013 - December 31, 2013. 
Alptraum, UGM Maribor Art Gallery, museum for modern and contemporary art, Maribor, Republic of Slovenia, May 30 - July 7, 2014.
Alptraum, Goa, Salon de Lirio, Fine Art Association, Velim Salcete-Goa, Republic of India, Jan 4, 2015 - January 30, 2015
Tales from Darkness, Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts, Panjim, Goa, Republic of India (a collaboration of Sunaparanta and the Alptraum wandering exhibition), March 27 - April 30, 2015. 
Alptraum, Montreal, Visual Voice Gallery, June 18 - June 25, 2015, Montreal, Canada.